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Athena Consulting
Athena Consulting specialises in providing advice to management on how to improve process performance. We have many years experience in both step change improvements through major transformation programmes, and incremental continuous improvement.

Our expertise is focused on service industries, particularly financial services and the NHS. If your project required additional skills, we can access a range of independent associates through an informal network. We prefer to work as a network as it keeps our costs low, and so our charge out rate is very competitive.

  • We have experience in: Designing and re-designing business processes. We carry out our design work using tried and tested methodologies that are simple and practical. They produce designs that cascade easily from high level concept to functional specifications, and have documentation that can be easily viewed and managed on your intranet site.

    Our expertise in this area can be applied in large scale transformation projects, such as:

Systems integrations for target system build.
BPR for the design of re-engineered processes.
Post sale outsourcing, to get costs below the agreed charging level.
  • Designing and redesigning management processes, such as strategic planning, corporate governance and people management processes. This is very important, as failing to change the management environment can compromise the benefits hoped for in BPR programmes.
  • Assisting the establishment of an environment for continuous process improvement. We will help your management team understand process management, and train their staff in the techniques needed to carry out local continuous improvement. We can deliver the training, design balanced process metrics, provide education on how to interpret and respond the measures, and advise on whether any cultural change is required.
These three aspects are related, as the competitive advantage conferred by transformed processes is soon lost if they are administered in an environment devoid of continuous improvement and sound management practices.
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