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Lead Biography
Athena Consulting is lead by Jonathan Halstead, a Consultant with over 20 years experience in business and consulting. His mix of skills provides clients with a uniquely holistic view, combining an understanding of a company's finances, it's business & management processes, and it's culture.

Jonathan has experience of major systems transformation and integration projects, working on both legacy systems and web front-ends. View example projects.
He specialises in the interface between the business and IT, and has 10 years experience helping clients to ensure that.

The business knows what it wants.
It is consistent with company strategy.
That there is a sound business case.
That the process are (re-)designed to deliver efficient and effective service.
That their design includes appropriate metrics and is documented to a high standard.
That requirements for those processes are express in a way that is coherent and clear to IT.
That the business considers all operational and structural issues related to the
That the processes, when delivered, are managed in a continuously improving environment.
His previous experience as an actuary adds to his understanding of financial service processes. The effectiveness of a process cannot be properly assessed without understanding the products which it administers.

For example, why devote all your resources to develop a new business process capable of writing huge amounts of bond business when your fund could not stand the strain? One should at least consider if the resources might be better allocated to EB administration to ensure costs are kept below the margin in the pricing basis?

Traditionally in insurance, the interaction between financials and processes is minimal. If you don't want this to happen in your project, perhaps we should be talking.

Jonathan is also a qualified actuary, and a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries. Click for examples of past projects.

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Jonathan Halstead
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